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Just a Dog Mom from Orange County, CA who saw a lack of options for my #BigPaw Cane Corso Babies. I used to make custom accessories for them as I love to dress them up for all occasions. I decided to take the next step and start selling custom-made accessories along with collars for the Medium to Large Dog Breeds.

All our products are good heavy-duty quality, and our custom accessories are made to order. Our products have gone through the Azul & Chiko Test. From wearing the products for months, handling their wrestling matches to walking them in our products and so on. Making sure everything is Heavy Duty and strong as can be, as Azul & Chiko aren’t your average size dogs. Here at Corso Paws, we take every purchase with high value as we know your #BigPaw Pup deserves the Best!

We appreciate your sale and taking this journey with us as we continue to grow! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us as we are always adding new items!

Thank you!

Wendy, Azul & Chiko

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Azul & Chiko

Azul and Chiko are the Models, Mascots, Influencers, and the whole reason for Corso Paws! They’re both Cane Corso’s and weigh 100+ lbs. each. Azul was Born in 2020 (Covid Baby), Loves Kids and thinks he is an actual ‘human’ kid himself. We haven’t had the heart to tell him the truth. He is the most loyal, smartest boy but still deals with anxiety. He was named after his older Brother Blu, who passed away at 7 months due to a heart murmur. Blu was our first Cane Corso, he was the happiest, clumsiest Corso you ever met. #RIPBluski

Azul is an all-around Good Boy!

Chiko was born in 2022 and has no clue how much he weighs. 

He is such a sweet, loveable, silly boy. He loves to jump; I think Chiko has part Kangaroo in him. He loves his big brother Azul and is his real brother as they share the same Dad. I couldn’t pass up on Azul having a real brother and Chiko is the best Lil Bro to Azul! #Bestfriends

Follow @azulandchikothecanes for more on their day to day!

Azul and Chiko
Azul and Chiko

Corso Paws is striving to be an industry leader that strives to provide the best in collars and accessories.

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Experience lightning-fast delivery with our company, ensuring that your dog is stylish and ready for any adventure in no time!

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Corso Paws offers industry-leading collars and accessories with a variety selection, quality, and unbeatable customer service.

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Corso Paws understands the importance of strong durable products for large breeds as we have our own Cane Corso's.

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Corso Paws is an industry leader in pet collars and accessories, offering custom made necklaces and collars. Our unique selling point is we know how strong large breeds are and what it takes to handle them personally. We don't just sell to large Breeds we also have our own.

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